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When would I need a Speech Therapist?

Speech and Language Pathologists (SLP's) specialize in treating individuals with difficulties in communication and swallowing disorders. Difficulties in communication can range from traditional speech (i.e. stuttering/articulation) or language (i.e. expressing yourself/understanding what's being said) to difficulties in swallowing. Swallowing, specifically can be difficult to identify. We all cough or clear our throats now and again, right? We may say that "It's gone down the wrong pipe." That may be true. However, coughing and clearing our throats consistently during meals or when drinking may be our bodies telling us that something more is going on. A Speech and Language Pathologist specializes in evaluating and treating disorders in both communication and swallowing. Evaluations are comprehensive and completed with both formal and informal assessments. These are coupled with client/family interviews, to create a plan of care that centers on the client's goals and setting realistic expectations/outcomes in therapy. If you or someone you love is experiencing difficulties in speech, language or swallowing. Call me today for a consultation or to schedule an evaluation.

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